Sandy Chapter of the Utah  Music Teachers Association

(Affiliated with Music Teachers National Association)

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Music Teachers National Association (MTNA)

MTNA was founded in 1876 by Thoeodore Presser along with sixty-two colleagues in Delaware, Ohio. The stated Mission of the MTNA is to advance the value of music study and music making to society and to support the professionalism of music teachers. The association maintains two subsidiary programs: MTNA Professional Certification Program and the MTNA Foundation Fund. The Utah Music Teachers Association (UMTA) is affiliated with MTNA. MTNA has so much to offer music teachers in any field of music. Learn more by visiting

This hand-out lists the many advantages and benefits that come with joining our Sandy Chapter/Utah Music Teacher’s Association. We hope you take advantage of what we have to offer!

Chairpersons for each area of interest may change every two years.  Please see your membership booklet for the name and current contact information should you require more details.

Monthly  Meetings and  Presentations

Featuring speakers presenting information on a variety of topics relevant to piano teaching.

  • Dates: 1st Tuesday of the month, Sept – May

  • Time: 9:30 – 10:00 Teachers Take Note

  • 10:00 – 10:15 small snack and business meeting

  • 10:15 – 11:30 Guest Presentation

  • Place: Riverton Music -- 9491 South 255 West Sandy, Utah 84070


After paying your dues, benefits include membership into the Utah Music Teacher’s Association and our national organization:  Music Teacher’s National Association (MTNA) Be sure to renew your membership before June 30 on-line at or via the postal service with your renewal forms. To be included on the Utah Music Teachers and Sandy Chapter website,dues must be paid by May 30th.


Take time to visit  Check out the calendar, officers, members and our own SUMTA chapter website which is listed under Local Associations. For specific information about our chapter, visit

The National music teachers website provides more information and opportunities available to all members of the Sandy and Utah Music Teacher’s Association.  Insurance, business discounts and grant applications are only a few examples.


Our primary form of communication is via email. Email reminders, meeting minutes, and announcements/deadlines will be sent to all members. If your email address changes during the year, please advise our membership and communications chairperson of the change so you donʼt miss any information.

Teacher Referrals

Need more students?  Our Teacher Referral Chairman gets calls for teacher referrals throughout the year. She can pass on your information to potential new students. Reversely, if you have a full studio and continue to get calls, feel free to refer them to our Teacher Referral person who has a list of our Sandy Chapter members who have openings for more students.     Teacher Referral Form

Monster Concert

The Monster Concert involves dedicated teachers, hundreds of piano students and 6-8 pianos. This event is currently held at the South Towne Mall in early May. It allows your students to learn duet playing and performing in the community.  Contact our Monster Concert chairperson for details. 

Sandy MTA Piano Festival

The Piano Festival is organized, sponsored and financed via our Sandy Chapter. Your students can enter in one of the two different festivals. These festivals are usually held in the Fall. All students will receive a certificate of participation and evaluation forms from the judges. Winners perform in the winners recital and receive cash awards.

Young Artists Competition -- One piece memorized Progressive Artists Competition -- Two pieces memorized

Contact the Festival Chairperson for details or visit for competition requirements, cost, dates and forms.

Achievement In Music-  AIM

Achievement In Music is a teaching/testing program designed to help students attain a well- rounded music education. Students are evaluated on ten levels with six subjects per level: performance, technique, theory, sight reading, and ear training. Guidebooks, information, and testing are available through our AIM Chairman for the Sandy Chapter.

Summer testing is also available through the state in order to test an extra level or to participate if a student missed the Chapterʼs testing.

Students who successfully complete specified requirements will be inducted into Future Artists in Music (FAIM), and given additional opportunities to perform. Five $200 scholarships are also available to outstanding FAIM students each year who show outstanding scores and service with preference given to Seniors. Students need to apply to FAIM each year; however, a one- time $10 application fee is also needed with initial application to FAIM. FAIM members are

allowed into the state conference for free, and may also be selected to play in master classes at the UMTA State Conference or other events.

AIM Teacher-of-the-Year. Two teachers are recognized at the UMTA State Conference. One is for the Outstanding Veteran (five years or more) and the other is for Outstanding Novice (five years or less).  Nominations come from individuals or chapters and are due by June 1. Finalists are given a plaque and cash award/gift certificate at the Friday night banquet of the Conference.

Performance Evaluations

UMTA Performance Evaluations are held in the Fall prior to the State Conference. Students throughout the State are evaluated by competent judges and will receive valuable feedback. Up to 20% of students are selected to perform in the Honors Recitals held the second day at the State Conference. Students may play one or two memorized pieces for the solo division and/or one or two pieces for the ensemble division. Ensemble music does not need to be memorized.  If selected, students will perform only one of their pieces. Students will receive a certificate of participation. If selected, they will receive an additional certificate at the Honors Recitals.  Visit or for cost, deadlines and forms.

Magazine Subscription Discounts 

See our magazine subscription chairperson to sign up and receive discounts on helpful piano teacher magazines.

Clavier Companion:

This magazine is written just for teachers and college students of keyboard instruments, chiefly piano. Published 6 times per year, Clavier offers interviews with prominent performers, teachers and composers, the latest teaching methods, tributes to great artists of the past, and reviews of newly published music, educational software, and videos. Visit

Piano Explorer:

Piano students will enjoy learning about music and playing the piano in this young student magazine. Each issue contains a variety of music topics that supplement what is taught in piano lessons. There is a quiz each month based on material in the issue that teachers can use to test comprehension of the topics.

Utah  Music Teachers Association (UMTA) State Conference

Don’t miss this two-day, reasonably priced conference held in the Fall each year. It is packed with presentations, workshops, concerts, exhibits and displays.  Nationally as well as respected State musicians are brought in to share their expertise. This is a tremendous opportunity for teachers across the state to gain new knowledge in the field of music and specifically piano teaching. You can register on-line at or by mail.

UMTA / MTNA Performance and  Composition Competitions

Performance Competition: The UMTA Piano/Instrumental Competition is held in conjunction with the Utah Music Teachers Association State Conference held in October. Categories include Duet, Junior, Senior, and Young Artist. This competition is held annually and winners of each category advance to the South West Division Competition. Winners of the Division Competition advance to the National Competition.  Visit for repertoire requirements, fees, prizes and other details.

Composition Competition: Students competition categories are: Elementary, Junior, Senior, and Young Artist. The deadline is early in the year, usually in Fall. There is a fee to enter. 

Winning compositions advance to Division, then to National Level. Winning compositions will be performed at the National Conference held in the Spring. Prizes are awarded to the winners at the National Level. Visit for details.

Professional Certification : Nationally Certified Teacher of Music (NCTM)

Professional certification elevates the piano teaching profession, raising teachers to meet national standards in theory, music history, pedagogy, performance, and helps keep them current in the music field. Classes are held to help you prepare for Certification. Consider adding to your credentials and validity by becoming Certified.  Ask the Certification Chairman or visit,, or for details.